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Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

8월 즉시 할인 쿠폰

찜브랜드 MAGAZINE B 브랜드샵

Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version)

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상품 설명

■ About the Publication

Magazine B is an ad-free monthly publication that dedicates each issue to one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe. The magazine introduces the brand’s hidden stories, as well as its sensibility and culture, and is an easy but also serious read for anyone with an interest in brands.

■ About the Publisher

JOH & Company is a creative company founded in April 2011 by Suyong Joh, former Director of Creative Marketing & Design at NHN. He oversaw and directed the construction of NHN Green Factory, which is the headquarters of NHN, the company that has earned domestic and international reputation as “Google of Korea.” He also created a sensation in the publishing world when he compiled the construction process in a publication, Green Factory. Currently, he leads JOH & Company, a group of creative directors that he has brought together from various fields, and he is conducting complex projects encompassing architectural design, brand consultation, interior, food & beverage service, and product design, based on his own experience. The first fruit of such endeavor is magazine B.

■ About the Issue

This month, we introduce Star Wars as a brand. The six Star Wars episodes released to date have formed not only the greatest fandom in the world, but they have also become an unprecedented cultural phenomenon, allowing the franchise to establish itself as a globally influential brand.
Star Wars wasn’t created out of an initiative to launch a commercial brand. From the perspective of branding, however, there is a lot to appreciate about how
George Lucas’ emphasis on fan relations cultivated the Star Wars brand, and how Disney continues that enthusiasm. While the confrontation between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire might seem cliché, Star Wars enjoys unending love from fans because it has universally appealing characters and stories. Even the villain Darth Vader inspires compassion.
Looking into Star Wars as a brand, I was able to think about why my “good” values could end up being regarded as “evil” by others. If we could just switch places for a second and try to look at “the evil” as “the good,” our confliction will lead to conversations that help us understand each other and come to a peaceful conclusion. It will allow us to break away from the stereotypes we hold and develop creative thoughts.

■ Table of contents

02 Publisher’s Note

06 News
Star Wars news collected from the worldwide press
after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm

12 Cast
Interviews with the Star Wars: Episode VII The Force
Awakens cast at Disney’s D23 Expo

14 Intro
- We look into the Star Wars phenomenon that|
began as a film franchise and has continued
to be reproduced in industries and cultural
areas. Its fandom and the fans’ devotion to
the film since their childhood to this day
represent where Star Wars is now.


Toshio Furusawa, CEO of a film production &
distribution company
Star Wars publications and products show
the franchise’s commercial value
A comparison of media franchises that have developed
a wide range of content from a single creative source


Steve Sansweet, owner of the world’s largest
Star Wars collection
Diverse Star Wars fan activities and their influence
Hubs of Star Wars fandom


Jiwoong Huh, film critic

Star Wars Generation
The generation-wide experience and solidarity
created by the Star Wars franchise has evolved into
a shared sentiment and culture

84 B’s Cut
Open Your Eyes
Facing the Star Wars characters
- We go back to the beginnings of the Star Wars
legend. Its social and cultural significance that
transcends generations, the system which
allowed the film industry to continue the film’s
heritage, and creator George Lucas, all provide
different interpretations of the Star Wars films.


Brand Story
A Star Wars story: A franchise rises to become
an icon of American pop culture

The social background and major events in the film
industry that coincided with the rise of Star Wars
as a cultural phenomenon

Media Reports
Global press reports on Star Wars


Lucasfilm’s achievements and their significance in
the film industry

Star Wars rankings, awards, and nominations

Disney’s story and interviews with Kathleen Kennedy
and J.J. Abrams, two pillars of the Star Wars franchise
since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm


George Lucas
George Lucas from the critic’s point of view

128 Figures
Numbers demonstrating the values of
Star Wars-branded products, the scale
of its fandom, and other miscellaneous data

132 From the Editor in Chief
The core values of the Star Wars brand
defined by the Editor in Chief

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도서명 : Magazine B Issue No.42 Star Wars (Eng.version) 저자, 출판사 : JOH & Company 크기 : 172x240mm 쪽수 : 140 제품구성 : 낱권 출간일 : 2016.01.15 목차 또는 책소개 : magazine B is an ad-less monthly publication that introduces one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe in each issue. between its covers, magazine B not only shares untold stories behind a brand in coverage but also its sentiment and culture that any readers interested in brand marketing and management can leaf through the pages with ease.

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