Henings Wooden Rectangular Makeup Mirror(Black/Big size)/Makeup Mirror/Cosmetic Mirror  헤닝스 우드 사각거울(블랙/빅사이즈)/탁상거울/손거울/결혼선물/집들이선물/개업선물

* It is wooden made quality cosmetic table mirror, while the 360-degree swivel mirror head gives your face a full reflection at any angle.
* And the size of mirror is large.
* It provides clean, up-close images and perfect for applying makeup.
* Now the face in the mirror is ready for perfect makeup application.
  Material: wood, glass
  Size: 22.6(L)x13.0(W)x42.7(H)cm
  Mirror size(incl.frame): 22.6×32.6cm
  Origin Point: Korea
  Original retail price: USD50.00